Electric cars are not just the future, they are our present now. More and more people are thinking of investing in one because either they think the electric cars are more convenient or they think that they will be able to do their bit for the environment.

No matter what your reasons are, you might be wondering what is the cheapest electric car to buy. To help you, we have mentioned the top 5 lowest total cost of ownership electric cars right here.

  1. Smart Fortwo ED

Costing about USD 23,800, this two-seat car has 58 miles of range and the top speed of 81 mph. Though this car is available throughout the US, the stocks are low at times so you need to book it way in advance and might have to wait long to get our hands on one.

  • Ford Focus Electric

The cost of this car comes around to USD 29,120. It can go 115-miles on a single charge and can seat up to five people at a time. This model is available throughout the country, but you will be smart to buy it from dealerships in CARB states.

  • Hyundai IONIQ Electric

With 124 miles of electric range and the cost of USD 29,500, this electric car is worth it. It can easily fit in four adults and leave room for cargo as well. As it’s such a cool car, everyone wants one, and Hyundai seems to be failing to produce enough of them. This car is only available in California.

  • Nissan LEAF

Costing USD 29,990, this car is way better than the rest when it comes to performance, range, cargo and passenger capacity. You can get 151 miles from this car, and it’s easily available nationwide.

  • Volkswagen e-Golf

Last on the list is Volkswagen e-Golf that costs USD 30,495 and gives 125 miles of range. It is fun to drive and a popular car that is worth the price.

Please note that the prices of these cars keep on changing, so you better check with a dealer to be extra sure and make the right decision.