How much electricity does it take to run a VR setup? The answer might shock you.

Unlike many sectors which ignore new technology, the porn industry generally embraces it. They have been doing that for decades which is why porn is so popular today. Case in point is the VHS over Beta and Blu-Ray over HD. Both technologies were backed by the porn industry and both trumped the others. That is what is taking place again now with virtual reality. The porn sector is investing millions in virtual reality porn. They, like many experts, believe that it is the future of pornography.

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If you haven’t seen VR porn, then you need to do so right away. Upon putting on a headset and looking at virtual reality smut, you will be blown-away. The images are close enough to make one think they can reach out and grab them. For people who watch porn, that in itself is reason enough. Looking at a virtual reality porno movie of a girl with huge boobs for instance. Her big tits will appear closer to you than ever. Plus, the entire experience is immersive and interactive. Adult sites which offer virtual reality pornography have become very popular.Wankz VR is a perfect example since they have recently gone on to become a top ranking site.

One would think that something like this may use a ton of electricity. Some may be hesitant of getting into VR pornbecause of that. Yet that is the further thing from the truth. Fact is that depending on the VR goggles you have, the amount of electricity needed for running it, is close to nil. For example, if you are using a Samsung Gear VR or one that only requires a smartphone, then there is no extra electricity needed. All you need to do is have your smartphone charged since the VR headsets require no power. Most remotes that come with the goggles – if your model has one – typically need batteries only.

Still, for people who have a Playstation VR or those whose VR goggles work with a computer, this may be an issue; albeit a minor one. They will need to have their consoles or computers on in order to see the VR pornographic material. Nonetheless, most people already use these things in the first place. Whether it is to surf the internet or play games on them, they are on. In the end, there are dozens of other gadgets in your house which demand more electricity than a virtual reality setup. And none of them are as likely to provide sexual release and gratification in higher degree than virtual reality porno. 

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